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Our Philosophy

Innovative Ideas Tailored To Our Clients' Needs

SGI's dedicated staff originated in SG's Global Markets department (MARK), the equity derivatives platform of SG. SG is acknowledged as a leading firm in its field due to its ability to innovate along with its client-driven spirit, which enables it to adapt and tailor products to clients' needs.

SGI leverages the expertise of its equity, fixed income, credit, and commodity teams, as well as the requirements and suggestions expressed by investors, to come up with novel index concepts.

SGI indices are designed to cover a wide range of asset classes.

Investable Indices

SGI indices may be investable through products such as swaps, certificates, structured notes, options, and funds.

SGI indices may be used as underlyings for a variety of structured products with a diverse range of payoffs that can be structured to meet each investor’s market views (leverage, principal protection, etc.).

To create these investable indices, SG relies on its large market access and specialized teams all around the world.

Transparency & Independence

SGI indices offer daily publication of index levels on Bloomberg.

The Index Calculation Agents are third party providers appointed by SG to compute, maintain, and disseminate the Index (e.g., S&P Dow Jones, Markit, and Stoxx).

Rule-Based Methodology

Each SGI index on the platform is rules based, transparent, and replicable.

Index compositions and daily calculations are governed by a systematic index process that is determined in advance by index rules, and which remains unchanged over time.