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Europe Multi-ERP Index

Index level: 582.810 as of 09/03/2021

Main characteristics

Bloomberg code SGBVWEPH
Inception date 07/01/2016
Return type Excess Return
Currency EUR
Calculated by Bloomberg


The Europe Multi ERP Index is a systematic rules-based index that tracks a basket of equity sub-indices providing synthetic exposure to the main equity factors (Quality, Value, Profitability, Low Vol, and Momentum), coupled with the market neutrality mechanism.


  • The composition and allocation of the Underlying Basket is systematically adjusted on a monthly basis with an inverse volatility methodology. The resulting weightings are applied to the Index components so as to determine the composition of the Underlying Basket.
  • Monthly Volatility Target of 8%. When the realized volatility exceeds the target, exposure will generally be less than 100%. When the realized volatility falls below the target, exposure will be greater than 100%. 

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