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About Us

Introducing the SGI Platform

Societe Generale Index ("SGI") compromises a range of proprietary indices developed by Societe Generale ("SG") which are calculated and maintained by leading index calculation agents, such as Standard and Poor's.
The SGI range of indices is designed to reflect various markets and investment strategies, combining the trading and market expertise of SG Global Markets with the rules-based and transparent methodology of accessible indices.

A Global Index Provider

Beginning in 2007, the SGI team has been developing, structuring, maintaining and marketing its investable indices all over the world.
Whether it be a broad market index, or a specific strategy with a potentially attractive risk/return profile, the dedicated SGI team of structurers, traders, marketers, and analysts has expertise in developing rules-based systematic indices through innovative algorithmic modeling.

A Growing Generation of Quantitative and Thematic Indices

In recent years, indices have evolved from markers of generic benchmark market performance to markers of more specific investment strategies that seek to provide hypothetical access to hard-to-reach assets or markets such as volatility and illiquid regional equities.
All the while, SG has been on the cutting edge of systematic index development, providing rules-based methodologies for beta and alpha generating strategies.

Market Access Indices:

  • Illiquid Market Access
  • Beta Replication
  • Benchmark Indices

Strategy Indices:

  • Strategic Market Access
  • Optimized Performance
  • Alternative Beta