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Index level correction



On February 9th 2017; SG notified the Index Calculation Agent of an error that had occurred in the calculation of the level of the following indices; <SGEPVBE>, <SGEPQBE>, <SGEPLBE>, <SGEPMBE>,<SGEPPBE>, <SGEPCBE>, <SGEPSBE>, <SGEPVQBE>, <SGEPVAE>, <SGEPQAE>, <SGEPLAE>, <SGEPMAE>, <SGEPPAE>, <SGEPCAE>, <SGEPSAE>, <SGEPVQAE>, <SGEPQCAE>, <SGEPVXBE>, <SGEPVXAE>, <SGEPQXAE>, <SGEPQXBE>, <SGEPQCBE>, <SGEPLRE>, <SGEPQRE>, <SGEPVRE>, <SGEPPRE>, <SGEPQ2RE>, <SGEPCRE>, <SGEQR>, <SGEQD>, published from January 06th 2017 until February 10th 2017.

The error was due to an incorrect rebalancing performed on January 6th 2017. Following the notification of the error; the levels of the indices have been restated the February 13th 2017. The levels of the indices are now available in Bloomberg and in the SGI website