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7 Mar 2017

Index level correction

On February 9th 2017; SG notified the Index Calculation Agent of an error that had occurred in the calculation of the level of the following indices; <SGEPVBE>, <SGEPQBE>, <SGEPLBE>, <SGEPMBE>,<SGEPPBE>, <SGEPCBE>, <SGEPSBE>, <SGEPVQBE>, <SGEPVAE>, <SGEPQAE>, <SGEPLAE>, <SGEPMAE>, <SGEPPAE>, <SGEPCAE>, <SGEPSAE>, <SGEPVQAE>, <SGEPQCAE>, <SGEPVXBE>, <SGEPVXAE>, <SGEPQXAE>, <SGEPQXBE>, <SGEPQCBE>, <SGEPLRE>, <SGEPQRE>, <SGEPVRE>, <SGEPPRE>, <SGEPQ2RE>, <SGEPCRE>, <SGEQR>, <SGEQD>, published from January 06th 2017 until February 10th 2017.

The error was due to an incorrect rebalancing performed on January 6th 2017. Following the notification of the error; the levels of the indices have been restated the February 13th 2017. The levels of the indices are now available in Bloomberg and in the SGI website

21 Jul 2016

New rebalancing universe for the SGI Pan Africa Indices

On the 21st of July 2016, SGI, the Index Sponsor, advised that in order to ensure orderly rebalancing of the SGIXPA, SGIXPAE, SGIXPAP, SGIXPAPE Indices, it would be more operationally efficient to execute the quarterly rebalancing with a new universe defined as follows:


  • North Africa: components of the S&P North Africa 15 Index listed in Morocco and in Egypt.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: components of the S&P All Sub-Saharan Africa ex-South Africa Index listed in developed countries.
  • South Africa: components of the S&P South Africa 50 Index.


The Index Sponsor instructed the Index Calculation Agent to implement the change with effect from July 26th, 2016 rebalancing and determined that these modifications were necessary in order to smooth the rebalancing process.

29 Mar 2016


SGI announces that the rules of the SGI Energy Semi Dynamic Index (SGICEMX) have been modified.  This amendment will take effect from March 30th.

22 Feb 2016

Eurex Disruption

SGI announces that due to a disruption of the EUREX exchange on the 22nd of February 2016 the following indices were affected : SGIXRX, SGIXOAT and SGIXIK.
The relevant indices will be valued using the first quote available of the relevant future after the disruption

29 Jan 2016


SGI announces that the rules of the SGI WISE JAPAN (SGIXWJT) and the SGI WISE JAPAN BOTTOM (SGIXWJB) indices have been modified. 

From February 1 st, the indices will be computed using the closing price.

22 Dec 2015



SGI announces that the rules of the index embedded in the SGI Global range got modified. A list of eligible markets regarding the universe selection of stocks was added to the Index Rules on October, 2015.

22 Dec 2015

Exclusion rule not applied to URAX Index

SGI announces that it has broken with the URAX Index Rules regarding a component stock (CuDeco) which has been suspended for several trading days. The number of shares remained stable whilst it was suspended although it should have theoretically been dropped out of the index components with a price set at 0.

16 Sep 2015

Postponement of SGI MAP Rebalancing

SGI announces that the rebalancing date for the SGI Multi Asset Portfolio Index will be postponed to the 29th September 2015. The initial rebalancing date was scheduled on the 15th September 2015.

15 Jul 2015

Amendment of the IND1COVR & IND1CO25 indexes rules on advisor and sub advisor fees

SGI announces that the fee break-down between the index advisor and the index sub-advisor inside the IND1COVR and IND1CO25 Index has been amended as follows:

Since April 1st included, the fee entitled to the index advisor is changed from the range of 0.10% to 0.20% to the range of 0.05% to 0.20%.

It shall therefore be noted that this change only affects the break-down of such fee and not its total amount. 

29 Jun 2015

SGI Voba Pforzheim Premium Index Levels Corrections

29 June 2015

Due to an incorrect implementation of the methodology rules by S&P Opco LLC, the calculation agent, the valuations of the Voba Pforzheim Premium Index (SGMDPHPI) have been recalculated since 5 November 2010.

The accurate index levels are now available on Bloomberg.

15 Jun 2015

Exclusion rule applied

On June 11th, SGI announced that it will exclude AURIB DC from the SGI Global Agriculture Index. Indeed, with its recent announcement of a massive reduction of the share capital, AURIB DC applies to the exclusion rule stating: “The Index Sponsor will exclude from the list of Index Components stocks that registered a significant and ascertained or present a presumable reduction in liquidity or capitalization”.

28 Apr 2015

Postponement of SGI Pan Africa Family Rebalancing

SGI announces that the rebalancing date for the SGI Pan Africa Indices (<SGIXPA>, <SGIXPAE>, <SGIXPAP>, <SGIXPAPE>) initially scheduled for the 28th April 2015 will be postponed to the 29th April 2015.

23 Mar 2015

Amendment to SGI Harmonia Index Rules

By decision of the Index Scientific Committee of SGI Harmonia Index, the following amendments are made to the Index, effective from March 24th 2015 included: -  To improve trading capacity,  the implementation of the monthly rebalancing is smoothed linearly over 5 days and the underlying bond indices are valued based on the average between market opening and market closing levels. - To avoid then effect of potential liquidity stresses on ECB Monetary Policy Governing Council Meeting days, the Index is not calculated on such days. 

30 Dec 2014

Amendment to SGI Harmonia Components

The Index Scientific Committee of the SGI Harmonia announces that, in accordance with the Index Rules, the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF is temporarily replaced by the MSCI Emerging Markets Net Total Return Index excluding Russia as a precaution to address the impacts of the EU and/or US sanctions against Russia.

This replacement will come into effect on the Rebalancing Date taking place in January 2015.

1 Oct 2014

Amendment to Eligible Markets

In order to preserve the replicability of the SGI WISE Emerging Shariah Index following the EU-US sanctions against Russia, the list of eligible markets is amended as follows : the eligible markets are Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

This amendment will take effect as of and including the Review Date falling in November 2014.

24 Sep 2014

Roll Dates Moved for Markit CDX and iTraxx

Further to the new 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions, Markit changed its roll dates for the CDX IG and iTraxx indices to October 6th 2014, and for Markit CDX HY to October 9th 2014.

As a consequence, the following SGI indices will be impacted:

  • SGI Credit North America IG 125 (<SGIXCAIG>)
  • SGI Credit Europe IG 125 (<SGIXCEIG>) 
  • SGI Credit Europe Crossover (<SGIXCEXO>)
  • SGI Credit North America HY (<SGIXCAHY>)

18 Sep 2014

iTraxx Crossover expends to 75 names

Markit has announced iTraxx Crossover to be expanded to 75 names, from the current 60. The changes will be implemented on September 22, 2014.

12 Sep 2014

Postponement of SGI MAP Rebalancing

SGI announces that the rebalancing date for the SGI Multi Asset Portfolio Index will be postponed to the 22nd September 2014. The initial rebalancing date was scheduled on the 15th September 2014.

28 Jul 2014

Information to Index Calculation Agent - 24/07/2014

The Index Sponsor hereby notifies that in accordance with the Index Rules, an exceptional replacement will be performed in respect of the Repo Rate AM USD fixing (Bloomberg ticker “IREPUSOA <Index>”) (the “Replaced Overnight Rate”), following the decision by its sponsor to impose restrictions to its use by the Index Sponsor and Index Calculation Agent.

Consequently, the Replaced Overnight Rate will be replaced by the official Federal Funds Effective Rate US fixing (the “Successor Overnight Rate”), published by the FED on the Bloomberg page “FEDL01 <Index>”.

The replacement is effective as of the closing of July 29th , 2014 (included).

This decision is applicable to the following indices:

- SGI Emerging DLS – EUR – Excess Return (Bloomberg ticker: SGIXDLSE <Index>)

- SGI Emerging DLS – USD – Excess Return (Bloomberg ticker: SGIXDLSU <Index>)

This announcement is made on July 24th, 2014.

18 Jun 2014

Disruption Events due to NYSE Liffe technical issue announcement

Société Générale, acting through its Business Unit SG Index, has announced disruption events on a list of SGI indices due to technical issue which has affected Financial Matching Engine 1 of NYSE Liffe, preventing trading in Euribor and Eonia Futures on June 17th, 2014. For more information, please contact

14 Jan 2014

Restatement of SGI Credit Europe IG 125 and SGI Credit North America IG 125

Please note that due to inconsistent maturity dates being used for the MTM calculation of all spread based Excess and Total Return Credit Markit indices, these indices have been incorrect from September 2013, the 21st until January 2014, the 14th. This issue has also impacted the following two SGI Indices: SGI Credit Europe IG 125 (SGIXCEIG) and SGI Credit North America IG 125 (SGIXCAIG). The levels of these SGI indices from September 2013, the 21st to January 2014, the 14th have been restated.