SG Japan Quality Income Beta Adjusted Index

Index level: 1165.027 as of 02/02/2023

Main characteristics

Bloomberg Code SGQJEBA
Inception Date 18/01/2018
Return Type Excess Return
Currency JPY
Calculated By Singapore Exchange Limited


The  SG Japan Quality Income Beta Adjusted Index aims to replicate a long position in the SG Japan Quality Income Index, beta-hedged with a short position in the TOPIX Total Return Index, i.e. the Benchmark.

The SG Japan Quality Income Index aims to track a portfolio of Japanese stocks based solely on the basis of their ability to provide a high quality income stream to their owners, according to a model developed by SG’s Quant Research Department.


The Index takes a leveraged long position in the Smart Beta Index with the aim to obtain a similar beta exposure as the Benchmark. The exposure to the Smart Beta Index is determined on a monthly basis by the Index Calculation Agent through a linear regression of the Smart Beta Index versus the Benchmark. The regression is performed on 3-day returns over a period of 120 Calculation Dates on the 8 th Calculation Date of every month.

The exposure to the Smart Beta Index is constrained to be greater than 50% and lower than 200%.

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