SGI Credit Compression Europe Index

Index level: 179.554 as of 27/01/2023

Main characteristics

Bloomberg Code SGIXCCME
Inception Date 29/01/2018
Return Type Excess Return
Currency EUR
Calculated By Markit


The SGI Credit Compression Europe Index aims to provide an exposure to the performance of a credit compression strategy on European credit underlyings. The Index is constructed to capture the risk premium between European cross-over (High-Yield) and main (Investment-Grade) credit markets.


The index is Long on iTraxx Cross-over CDS (High-Yield) and short on iTraxx Main CDS (Investment-Grade). To target 1st order market neutrality, the short position is adjusted by a dynamic beta, computed from a 3-month linear regression between Cross-over and main indices. Every month, the following rebalancing process is performed:

  • The weight of the Cross-over Index is reset at 200%,
  • The weight of the Main Index is reset at -200% times beta, subject to a maximum weight of 900% and a smoothed rebalancing execution with a daily cap at 40%.

The SGI Credit Compression Europe Index is administered and calculated by Markit. For more information, see

Markit makes no representation and expressly disclaims all warranties of accuracy, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use with respect to SGI Credit Compression Europe Index or any data included therein, or any data from which it is based or as to results to be obtained from the use of the SGI Credit Compression Europe Index . Markit does not sponsor, endorse, sell, or promote any investment fund or other vehicle that is offered by Societe Generale or third parties and that seeks to provide an investment return based on the returns of the SGI Credit Compression Europe Index .

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