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Main characteristics

Bloomberg Code SGIXBU6
Inception Date 10/07/2014
Return Type Total Return
Currency USD
Calculated By S&P Dow Jones


SGI Bond is a range of 24 investable indices reflecting the monetary and Bond market, each for a given quasi-constant maturity in a given currency. SGI Bond provides a synthetic exposure to bonds with 4 or 5 different maturities depending from the currency.
On the launch date, the SGI Bond range offers access to 4 different maturities and 5 different currencies (5 currencies as a whole).
SGI Bond can be used as a benchmark for bond portfolios, and as an underlying for financial instruments.


Unlike standard bond indices, SGI Bond seeks to replicate the exposure to bonds through derivative instruments. To make the constant maturity feature possible, the index is rolled-over on a monthly basis and reinvested at the corresponding swap rate to match the targeted duration.
SGI Bond indices are not sensitive to the credit market.